Robbins Revises Chemistry

I love a project. I think I have had a project every year I’ve taught. Sometimes they are highly academic, like researching the use of ad-hoc animation, other times they are more practical, survive the year with a new born child, for example.

This year I have a number of objectives in my role. I have been asked to become an expert in the use of OneNote and tablet PC’s as part of our digital strategy, I am interested in supporting students who have high absence and I have sole responsibility for the teaching of A-Level chemistry.

I’ve decided to blend these together and set up my own YouTube Channel!

It is aimed squarely AQA A-Level chemistry and I am trying to build the videos using OneNote and the principles of well crafted explanations, worked examples and lots of practice. The idea is students’ should be able to use the video like a lesson and complete the work there and then.

I’ve been heavily influenced by my time working with Adam Boxer and as part of Oak National Academy.

If you want to watch the videos you can find the channel here. I am aiming to make more content as the year progresses and hope to have the physical chemistry content covered this year.

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