Why Ofsted always hurts schools

Recently the educational world became aware of some ‘aide memoires’ Ofsted had provided their inspectors during their training. Someone ‘leaked’ them online and loads of people clambered to see what pearls of wisdom they possessed. Some were angry that not all schools get them, others were just glad the inspectors were given training and guides... Continue Reading →

Model thinking in education 1: ‘Success to the successful’ in career progression AKA why are there so many PE teachers in positions of leadership?

I think this blog will be the first of many blogs on the use of models and system archetypes in school settings.  Daniel H Kims System Archetypes represent a powerful way of diagraming out systems and their competing factors (#dualcoding). These kinds of generalised systems appear in many areas of life. I’ve always been fascinated... Continue Reading →

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