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1st December 2022: Stepping up to Middle Leadership £20 (+fee). Find out more here

Middle Leadership Mastery Online

Effective middle leadership is vital to drive improvement in all schools. Often middle leaders find the jobs breadth and depth a challenge. Prioritising where to spend their limited time to have the most impact is a daunting task.

One of the ways that we can support our middle leaders to be as effective as possible is to ensure they have all the knowledge they need to make the right decisions and how best to manage the changes.

In this 6-part online course Adam Robbins, author of the acclaimed Middle Leadership Mastery, outlines some of the key areas a middle leader needs to be aware of to support them in their roles.

Building on the main areas of the book, each session provides additional material and insights frames with his 10 years of experience working on a coastal comprehensive setting, to illustrate the what, how and why of the following areas:

  1. Curriculum. How are subject structure influences curriculum decisions? How do we evaluate our curriculums sequence and implementation? How far should we seek to diversify our curriculum?
  2. Teaching and learning. How do we create an effective model of teaching and learning in our subject? How do we distill the best evidence into actionable policy? Is there really no best way to teach? How does our particular subject or phase impact what good teaching looks like?
  3. Assessment. How does our curriculum impact on the assessment system we choose? How does the way we assess our students impact the inferences we can make? Is assessment only about measuring student progress?
  4. Quality assurance. What is the difference between quality assurance and quality control? How do we measure the impact of the curriculum? How to observe lessons and provide feedback. What can books really tell us?
  5. Teacher development. Why do teachers come to work each day? How best to establish a culture of teacher development? Do all teachers need to the same diet of CPD?
  6. Running and department. What are some of the key logistical things we need in place to help a department run smoothly? How do we implement change in a way that is effective and accepted? How do we deal with staff that are resistant to change?

The hour long sessions will be recorded for ticket-holders who are unable to make the session times.

The dates for the sessions are below. Each session runs from 16:00-17:00 with recordings made available within 24 hours







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