Digging deeper in lesson observations

One of the best parts of my job is visiting lessons. Lesson observations are a funny thing because they are always trying to achieve two things:  They are trying to be developmental. They are trying to complete quality assurance processes. In Middle Leadership Mastery I made a partial case for separating these two processes. While... Continue Reading →

Reflections on research ED 2021.

As I have done in previous years, here is my summary of my takeaways from the talks I went to and some general thoughts on research ED national 2021. Firstly I was really really impressed at how the day ran. The volunteers and organisation was exceptional.  Also the speaker's swag bag included jelly beans and... Continue Reading →

What a year!

I thought this academic year was the kind of year that warranted some reflection. So this blog is going to be more of a string of personal reflections and thoughts around a year that I have often described as a kick in the nuts. Seems like the teachers pay and conditions negotiations this year. Firstly... Continue Reading →

Working for Oak

I am writing this as I finish my final day of Oak National Academy lessons. I have made 25 lessons in 15 days and my brain is a bit mushy. I thought as it is, hopefully, a one-of-a-kind type event I would just write down some thoughts and feelings on the experience. Getting asked to... Continue Reading →

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