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In the upcoming academic year I have limited availability for face to face CPD and speaking. If you are interested in booking any of the following dates please get in touch ASAP.

Current availability:

I’m passionate about helping teachers develop in a pragmatic and sustainable way.

Face to face training

I am free to visit schools to run face to face CPD on a range of topics from cognitive science, evidence informed teaching and learning, curriculum design, science education and middle leadership. I can deliver to large cohorts, work with departments or individuals.

I am also able to visit and offer a curriculum review. I can work closely with middle leaders to review the curriculum provision, implementation and assessment. Through the day I can support the department to develop an improvement plan and support any follow up CPD needed.

Remote training

Remote single session CPD: I also offer a my range of CPD sessions remotely. I can deliver a session afterschool on a topic of your choosing either for a whole school or department.

Middle Leadership Mastery CPD: I offer a remote Middle Leadership Mastery CPD course which builds on the ideas covered in the book. This is a 6 session course that is suitable for a school or MATs middle leaders. As well as introducing new ideas it aims to build a support network that will exist beyond the course to support middle leader development. Download the flyer below

Curriculum Review

I offer a curriculum review service for science. Before the visit I will review the documentation provided and in collaboration with the leaders identify aims of the visit. When I visit I will visit lessons with the department leaders, scrutinise work and talk to teachers. Through this collaborative process I will give my opinion on the strengths and areas of the development of the science curriculum and coach the leaders through implementing the changes needed. I will then write up a report that details the areas of strength and key next steps. This is not an Ofsted inspection preparation, instead it is about reflecting on the schools evaluation of their science curriculum offer and supporting the next steps in its development.

Coaching & Mentoring

I am executive coach trained and offer coaching and mentoring to educationalists who want to connect, reflect, think and be challenged. I can meet regularly to help to develop you, or for a one-off meeting to support on a particular aspect of your work.

Public Speaking

I deliver a talks on a wide range of educational issues. As an active teacher my main focus is on pragmatic ways school leaders can create a climate and culture to support sustained growth in teaching and learning.

I love a challenge and a project so if you think we can work together to develop your team please contact me through the site or DM @MrARobbins on twitter.

Please note: I am based in Bognor Regis and so sessions that are less than half a day that require more than 90 mins travel will only be offered remotely.

Praise for my CPD sessions

From remote training on Cognitive Load Theory

From face to face Middle Leadership Mastery Training

“I found Adam’s session really valuable. A really fresh and pragmatic perspective on subject leadership which stimulated some great discussions, in particular around striking the balance between being prescriptive with content but giving teachers space to innovate.”

“The training was really helpful and answered some of questions I had regarding middle leadership. I liked that Adam began with how children learn, focusing on their cognitive load and how you can use this to inform how best to teach and lead a subject.”

“Presentation style was good, lots of chances to reflect and discuss. Adam was really personable and made everyone feel comfortable and listened to.”

From face to face primary curriculum network

“Adam has been a very original, funny and highly knowledgeable host for our CPD. He has been respectful of our role within primary settings and mindful of not making presumptions”

“Adam has been happy to answer and expand on any of our queries and has gone above and beyond to provide support for us.”

“Adam’s ability to explain ideas and concepts with real life examples has been very helpful.”

Praise for my curriculum reviews

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