Customisable knowledge organisers: take, adapt, share.

I was contacted last week asking for an editable copy of the knowledge organisers for locked out learners.


This made me pause for a second. A better person would quite happily have given them out, but I wanted to maintain control over them and keep my vision for them intact. It probably didn’t help it was around the same time that the TES resources blog protest happened reminding me of how unscrupulous a minority of people can be.

I came to my senses and had an idea. One of the strengths of these KO’s is the ease at which you can make quizzing resources that slowly remove the scaffolding and encourage knowledge acquisition for those that find it hard. One of the limitations is time to produce and adapt resources. I’ve discussed the ways I use scaffolded questions using the KO’s here.

So here is a link to the powerpoint version of the KOs. All I ask for in return is:

  • Don’t put them on TES resources (even for free)
  • Any adapted resources you make from them you save in the folders found here.

That way all exam boards can share resources that are appropriate and valuable as efficiently as possible and I get to see the different ways people are using then effectively.

I’m going through be discussing this strategy and ‘locked-out’ learners in more detail at researchED rugby in June. Tickets are available here.

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