Biology SLOP: The Next Generation

In lockdown I’ve tried to live by the mantra everything you do now, try to make sure it is of use when “normality” returns.

With this in mind I have been going through the Biology SLOP booklets and made some changes to the originals

Some changes that have been made are:

  • Proof reading
  • Slight reduction in reading age and pitch to suit a wider range of contexts
  • Sequenced in order of the AQA specification to allow teachers to repurposed easily
  • Clearer indications of HT and Separate content
  • Ecology includes the Separate science content
  • More questions!
  • Clear differentiation between comprehension and application style questions

As before massive thanks to all those who I have borrowed work from. please see the list of contributors on the old page.


Listen I am not making the answers. Sorry. It’s just not something I have time for. If you make a set of answers then please let me know so I can share it here for everyone else.

What about buying me a cup of coffee?

I don’t drink hot drinks and I don’t need presents. Just spend the time you have saved using these resources instead of making your own doing something fun.

7 thoughts on “Biology SLOP: The Next Generation

Add yours

    1. Merry Christmas

      I’m a parent of whose just come across your resources
      My year 10 son has not really been that focused during this year and now has ALOT of catching up to

      How’s the best way to use your resource for him.
      Any advice would be much appreciated


      1. Hi Khan. I would recommend: read the text, if they like to highlight keywords they can. Then attempt the questions. Most of which they can self mark by referring back to the text. Some of the longer questions might need your support to check they are answering the questions correctly or a quick Google. Hope it helps


  1. Hi Adam
    I’ve been using your Biology booklets with my GCSE classes since last year – they are brilliant, the pupils love them and I really appreciate all the work that has gone into them and the fact that you’re sharing them freely. Massive time-saver, thank you!
    I’ve also noticed that you’re releasing a book on Middle Leadership – will be ordering that too 🙂


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