KS3 Mastery booklets

Below are links to download the majority of our KS3 booklets we used this year. These were incredibly helpful in supporting non-specialist teachers, disadvantaged students and improving the amount of reading in science lessons.

They are varied in nature as they were written by a wide range of staff and also show a progression in our understanding of what we wanted to achieve by using them. They do generally adhere to the ideals of CogSciSci so I hope you find them helpful. Feel free to download, cut up etc.. to suite your KS3 curriculum.

To understand why we spent so much time making them please see this post.

A huge thanks to all those who I have borrowed bits and pieces off, you might see some within these pages šŸ™‚

Also my thanks to my amazing department who bought into the idea and worked so hard through the year to make them.

A quick word about answers: No I don’t have answers to share. We wanted staff to write their own answers as they go to ensure they have considered any difficulties the students might have. So if you want to write some feel free and please let me know so I can share wider.

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

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